CCTV Services

CCTV Installations

SateSys offers professional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems and services to cater for domestic and commercial customers. We assess your requirements and advise on the best setup. Our services range from the planning and consultation stage through to installation and ongoing support and maintenance.


Next generation CCTV is using the benefits of digital technology to enhance modern security systems. Higher resolution cameras provide enhanced detail while advanced analytic features enable CCTV systems to do more than ever.


We use the best digital video recording software in the industry (Alnet and Inhep Systems), the latest mega-pixel CCTV cameras, digital technology and the industry's leading manufacturers (Provision,Bosch, GeoVision, Avermedia, CNB, Samsung, Dahua and Tibet).


CCTV maintenance and servicing

Proper maintenance is important to ensure CCTV systems continue to perform successfully through their lifespan and is a requirement for many businesses.


SateSys offers scheduled maintenance for CCTV systems. If your CCTV system is starting to degrade and the picture quality has reduced over time look no further. We can clean and service all of your cameras, replace damaged or faulty cables and power supplies and restore images to their original quality in many cases.


  • Statistics have indicated that the existence of CCTV can significantly reduce the amount of crime committed in an area.
  • CCTV footage can be used as evidence to support the prosecution of criminals should a crime take place.
  • Offers a view of remote locations, including multiple locations at once.
  • Reduces stock losses in businesses by installing security cameras in stockrooms, cash points, entrance and exits, receiving and dispatch areas etc.
  • Video footage can be used as evidence for insurance claims


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